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Frequently Asked Question: How Many Death Certificates do I need?

Premier Funeral Services will assist you in ordering as many certified copies of death certificate as you determine are needed.

Most of the places which require a death certificate will require a Certified Copy rather than a photocopy. Certified copies are a special safety paper with a raised seal and are only available through the Vital Statistics offices.

The following is a partial list of places where a death certificate MAY be required.

  • Insurance Companies (usually requires copy with cause of death)
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Brokerages
  • Pension Funds
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Social Security Administration (only if applying for Survivor’s Benefits)
  • Veterans Administration (only if applying for Burial Allowance)
  • Internal Revenue
  • Clerk of Court in each county where the decedent owned real estate (requires a copy without cause of death)
  • A transfer registration for automobiles
  • Sale of Real Estate

This is not a complete list. Additional copies could be required and certified copies many not be needed in every listed case. Please consult your financial / legal advisor for further assistance in determining the quantity required for your specific circumstance.

Please keep in mind that these certified copies carry a fee fixed by each individual county. Some local counties are as follows:

Palm Beach County: $15 each
Broward County: $15 each
Miami-Dade County: $20 first, $16 thereafter
Martin County: $14 each

Special Notes:

In Florida, Cause of Death becomes public information 50 years following the death. Prior to that time, Cause of Death is considered confidential by Florida Law. Only certain persons are allowed to obtain copies containing the Cause of Death.

Florida issues two types of certificate: Long form will show the cause of death. Short form will not. Short form will be required for the Clerk of Court and certain other state agencies in Florida.

Cause of Death is usually only needed for insurance purposes.